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Customs Brokerage


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  • High standard of professional conduct and business ethics
  • Member of the Customs Steering and Stakeholder Committees
  • Unmatched comfor​t of compliance through industry leading expertise 

​Cust​oms Brokerage

Why Us


Our comprehensive menu of customs services incorporates preparation of all necessary declarations and reporting to authorities, in addition to industry leading advisory and consulting services. In an industry known for tedious bureaucratic procedures, our technology enabled solutions include electronic pre-filing, customs consultancy and documentation processing as well as security sealing and certification. This extensive service range includes imports and exports by air, sea and land, managing all information relating to clients' products and presenting the information to Customs and Port authorities.


Due to the intricacies and importance of correct tariff interpretation and classification, BPL employs dedicated Customs Executives to provide assistance and advice in this complex area. We also offer postponement of payment of duty and VAT through bonded storage and incentive schemes through the Customs Act and other legislation. We are ideally placed to provide expert service and advice on how your organisation can use the Customs regulatory framework not as an impediment, but a source of competitive advantage.


Key Services


  • Customs clearing
  • Customs consulting
  • Rebate c​learances
  • Valuation rulings
  • Permit applications
  • Acquittals management
  • Tariff classifications