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  • Diverse service offering
  • Overborder services into Africa
  • Web track and trace and online queries


 Why Us

BPL's extensive transport and distribution infrastructure caters for container cartage, LCL / break-bulk, FMCG, primary and secondary distribution of hazardous and non-hazardous freight, cross border and bonded cargo. All vehicles are fitted with tracking devices, on-board radios and CCTV cameras and processed via a high-tech management system. Our transport division operates 24/7 and utilises smart technology for route optimisation.

BPL carries a number of transport accreditations including RTMS and SQAS and is a signatory member of Responsible Care (CAIA). The key elements of success are the exceptionally high standard of our drivers and an uncompromising commitment to safety, training and wellness.

South African locations

Strategically located transport operations throughout South Africa​​.

​Key Services

  • Transport, distribution, handling and storage of dangerous goods and abnormal cargo
  • Reverse Logistics / disposal management
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Reduced carbon footprint through cargo consolidation, route optimisation and fuel and driver monitoring
  • Vehicle configuration to achieve maximum payload and fewer trips
  • Extended logistics services, including sea, air, transport, warehousing and supply chain optimisation
  • Over border transport