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​BPL Academy

BPL Development Approach   

The industry in which BPL operates is subject to constant change, so our people need to develop all the time. As a result we have comprehensive support programmes the purpose of which is to provide funding and other resources to ensure that every employee is able to develop to his or her full potential.​​



As a school leaver, there are a number of opportunities to join BPL on a fixed period Learnership contract, during which you will be enrolled on a course of study leading to the award of a National Qualification in a field related to BPL's activities.

At the end of the fixed term contract you will have gained both a National Qualification and a minimum of one year's experience, thus improving your employability potential.

In addition, provided you have proved yourself, you may be invited to extend your studies with a further Learnership contract or be offered a permanent position at BPL, in which case you will be encouraged to pursue further studies through your Individual Development Plan.​


Graduate Programme

The objective of the BPL Graduate in Training (GIT) Programme is to:

Provide a platform for GIT's to be able to acquire workplace experience & exposure relating to their fields of study, enhancing their employability and career mobility.

To create a talent pipeline of high potential candidates to fulfill leadership positions in the future within BPL and to assist with the alleviation of key scarce and critical skills within the organisation.  This is a 12-18 month programme which affords successful graduates the opportunity to be part of our exciting and dynamic teams across the company.


​Skills Development within BPL​

​​Entry Level Training​ ​Junior Management Training ​Middle Management Training ​Senior Management Training
​NQF 3 Freight Forwarding & Customs Compliance ​NQF 5 Supply Chain Management ​Management Advanced Programme ​​Executive Development Programme
​NQF 3 Freight Handling​ ​Supervisory Management Training ​International Leadership Development Programme ​​International Executive Development Programme
​NQF 4 Freight Forwarding & Customs Compliance ​​People Management Programme
​Masters in Business Administration
Woman in Leadership
​On the Job Coaching/Training ​On the Job Training & Mentorship Programmes